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A Bridge for New Immigrants & Local Residents Since 2010

Tiyya has equipped thousands of families with a sense of personal responsibility and a belief in themselves. Through innovative outreach programs covering education, arts & recreation, Tiyya has helped to remove the often unseen social gap that exists when families first arrive to America. The tremendous impact is realized when children from our programs enter high school and college, succeed in extracurricular activities and adopt beneficial, healthy lifestyles. Encouraging inclusion and a belief in our youth and families continues to affirm our mission and confirm its effectiveness. By joining our community as a volunteer or donor, you will gain the opportunity of meaningful cross-cultural exchange on the soccer field or over dinner.  We are always seeking volunteer socccer coaches, interns, and hosts for community gatherings. Please send an email to info@tiyya.org if interested.

The Tiyya Foundation has been recognized by various media outlets and has received numerous accolades from reputable sources such as: The LA Times, NBC Nightly News, Incline Magazine, Hello Giggles, Lonny Magazine, Saute Magazine, and more. We have been nominated as KCET Local Heroes, honored by the Los Angeles Mayor’s Office of Eric Garcetti, and have received recognition as Peacemakers of Orange County.

This work is made possible by supporters like you who want to ensure that immigrants feel welcome.

Mustafa and his family's lives were threatened while in Afghanistan because of Mustafa's involvement with the US army. 

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Malia became a child bride at the age of 12. She is now a single, working mother of 6 who dreams of writing a book one day.

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Tiyya Foundation

Their family landed in Jordan after escaping Syria, where they faced endless hardships. They were granted refuge in America just last year.

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