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What does ‘Tiyya’ mean?

Tiyya (also spelled "Tia") is a word that many cultures use to name their daughters.  In English, Tiyya means ‘gladness’ or ‘happiness’; ‘princess’ in Greek; ‘bird’ in Guajarati, ‘light’ in Hindi, ‘mine’ or ‘my love’ in Oromo, and ‘aunt’ in Spanish. At Tiyya, we commonly use the meaning “my love” to express our endearment for the newcomers and displaced communities we serve. This word was chosen for the organization because it is universal, inclusive, and it sounds familiar to the ear.


Who does Tiyya help?

We assist all communities of forced displacement, from any country or religious background, that reside in Orange County and Los Angeles. Participants of our program are referred by word-of-mouth and through officials from the County of Orange, Social Services. All of our program participants either arrived here as refugees, children of refugees, or they are in the process of receiving asylum status.  


Who does Tiyya work with in the community? 


How does Tiyya provide cross-cultural exchange?

Tiyya is designed to help both volunteers and newcomers connect with one another. We desire to foster a community that wants to learn more about this global crisis at a local level and give back to the society. We hope by providing programs and assistance to help families feel at home in America, we can host an effective cross-cultural exchange.