Level 1: Neighbor

$25 a month covers basic items needed to execute our youth programs.

Your thank you gift will include a free Tiyya shirt, an annual report during the holidays, & We Share the Sky postcard.

Level 2: Friend

$50 a month sponsors 1 refugee child in our College Prep Program. This will cover expenses for bus rentals, luncheons, college tours, visits to college fairs and an extensive training to pursue their college of choice.

Your thank you gift will include a free Tiyya shirt & an annual Handwritten card + photo from 1 of our participating students.

Level 3: Member

$100 a month supports our community gatherings and overall youth programs (Soccer, Tutoring, Arts, Recreation, and College Prep).

Your membership will include a free Tiyya shirt & exclusive invitations to have dinner with our Refugee Chefs.


Your generous donation supports programming for families of refugees, low-income immigrants, and displaced Americans.