Suppers With Love 

Nothing unites people together more than sharing a meal.

Tiyya is designed to help both volunteers and newcomers connect with one another. We desire to foster a community that wants to learn more about this global crisis at a local level and give back in a meaningful way. We hope by providing programs and assistance to help families feel at home in America, while creating an effective cross-cultural exchange.




SUPPERS WITH LOVE is a volunteer-led initiative founded by Kinda Hibrawi, Firas Arodaki and Suzan Najjar for recently arrived refugees and immigrants in California. This program was inherited by The Tiyya Foundation in 2017, where guests break bread with a new family in their home, helping to welcome them into the U.S. and build a stronger community of support. We have established trusted relationships with these families and they have generously agreed to open their homes to us. We help coordinate the dinners and provide a safe space to meet, converse and connect. 






Through these monthly dinner gatherings, we hope to break stereotypes and misunderstandings, build a supportive community, and most importantly, let recently arrived families know we care. Help us welcome families properly by saying "Hello" over supper.

Where generosity, good health and blessings are served with love!