Meymuna Hussein-Cattan   Co-Founder/Executive Director

Meymuna Hussein-Cattan

Co-Founder/Executive Director

Meymuna Hussein-Cattan is an executive, entrepreneur and world traveler. For the last decade, Meymuna has been the CEO of Tiyya, an award-winning civic based organization. In her work, she has been at the forefront of the human rights movement in Los Angeles helping to transform sentiments and narratives around refugees in the United States. A creative visionary with a solutions-oriented mindset, Meymuna led the way on record-breaking initiatives including the creation of innovative programs and services that impacts nearly 1,000 people a year. This includes increases in job creation, entrepreneurship opportunities and sports for children.

As a thought leader, Meymuna shares her experience & insights at organizations, universities and events throughout the year. Previous academic speaking engagements have included the University of Southern California, UC Irvine, UCLA and Occidental College. Meymuna’s work has been recognized in print in the Los Angeles Times, and with an award from the LA Mayor’s office acknowledging her organizational contribution to society.

Meymuna received her MA in Organizational Management from Antioch University, and her BA from the University of California, Irvine in Social Sciences.

Quote she lives by: “There is more to life than increasing its speed.” —Mohandas K. Gandhi

Where she hopes to be in the next few years:  "We’ve built a successful model in Orange County and now my goal is to expand Tiyya into Los Angeles and San Diego.  I’m excited to incorporate a social enterprise model and wellness,  as a way of ensuring sustainability for the families we serve. Part of this would be to first establish Tiyya as a recognized lifestyle brand" - Meymuna