Laura Leslie

PROGRAM manager

As the Program Manager, she oversees youth soccer and tutoring, Vocational English as a Second Language (VESL), the diaper program, and family mentoring (where a volunteer from the community is paired with a refugee/immigrant to support him/her with their transition). Laura also manages all of the volunteers that run these programs. 

Since Laura came with her family to the USA when she was 3-years-old, she knows first hand the importance of having community support when transitioning to a new country. She has taught English as a Second Language (ESL) for 7 years: in China, San Diego, Saudi Arabia, and Orange County. Although she loves teaching, she decided she wanted her impact to be greater and more centered in her community, so she got a Master's Degree in Intercultural Service, Leadership, and Management. When she came across Tiyya, she was excited to work with an organization where she could help immigrants and refugees have community support and achieve self-sufficiency. 

Quote she lives by: "You miss 100% of the shots you never take" 

Where she hopes to be in the next few years: In 5 years, Laura hopes to be managing Tiyya programs in San Diego.