Photo by Morgan Pansing

Jawad Mohammed

After facing serious threats because of Jawad's involvement with the US army, the Mohammeds were forced to leave their home country of Afghanistan and seek refuge in the United States. But the journey was not simple: it took them 4 years to receive their visas.

In Afghanistan, Jawad was a proud dentist. Currently, he hopes to continue his education to enable him to practice his career here in the US. He also encourages his three young sons to study hard, learn languages, and take advantage of the available opportunities here to become successful individuals in the future. His wife is studying English to be able to go to college and study nursing in the future.

Through Tiyya, the Mohammeds received basic necessities and house items when they first resettled in the US. In addition, his sons are enrolled in Tiyya's Youth ALL S.T.A.R Programs and his wife has a Family Mentor to support her as she learns English.