Bringing STEM (+ the arts!) to Refugee Youth

Refugee and immigrant youth learned about science, technology engineering, the arts and mathematics (STEAM) with hands-on projects and demonstrations Saturday at Heritage Park Community Center in Irvine during STEAM Day! 


Participants could design their own buttons and magnets, participate in live science experiments, read about meteors and dinosaurs and participate in brain teasers for prizes as part of an event hosted by the Irvine High School Youth Action Team and Irvine Rotary Club.


Tiyya’s Muhammed participated in two live science experiments that day. One included creating a chemical reaction to make “blue elephant toothpaste.” Muhammed said his favorite part of that experiment was watching the blue bubbles rise to the top of the container.


Fellow Maytham said he enjoyed watching a clear container literally maintain its cool temperature by keeping ice frozen. He said he also enjoyed learning about fossils, meteors, and dinosaurs.


The event’s culminating moment allowed participants to dress like a scientist by wearing a white lab coat and green goggles. Students created large, frothy bubbles by dragging a towel dipped in water and dish soap across a beaker’s rim filled with water and dry ice.


Attendees were also provided with pizza, fruit and dessert. They also enjoyed dessert waffles courtesy of the Waffleicious food truck.

Check out our STEAM Day Facebook Album for more photos by: Kia Ilkhanipour