Photo by  Morgan Pansing

The Almiqdads

Together with their family, the Almiqdad sisters escaped violence in Daraa, Syria. Their father, Handullah, was a successful restaurant owner with goals to expand his business. Because of the war, his dreams and hard work vanished. In 2016, they were resettled in Orange County. Not knowing how to restart their lives in a foreign country, a neighbor referred them to Tiyya.

Today, the Almiqdad sisters are enrolled in elementary school. They say, “math is easy but English is hard – nothing is spelled how it sounds!” Through Tiyya, their baby sister, Yasmine, receives a monthly delivery of diapers. Fadia, their mother, practices English while sharing her Syrian culture and learning about her Family Mentor’s American traditions. Their father, Handullah, continues to be supported in pursuing his dreams. He provides for his family by working at a restaurant and now caters through Tiyya. Each day, they feel more at home.